Written by: Helen Gathe

Photography by: Anne Helene Gjelstad

Design by: Hazem Sannib

Printed by: Hol és Társa Kft. Hungary 

Chadwick Grimes - Beauty is found in truth

In the dark there is truth. The vast silence of songs past, of dances danced, and blood reborn into radiant light again comes full circle in this moment. The painter’s light is inspiration, that one moment where the third eye sees hell and heaven kiss, if only for a moment, to remind us we are human and alive. People are restless, as our world changes, and so do we against the sands of evolution. . . . . .

Beauty is found in truth and nothing is sacred. The gauntlet is thrown down to create environments that will express them with skill and courage, no matter how long it takes, so that one fine day, as the cosmic dust of our past settles, we may look back and say we were here, we were human and what we did echoes in eternity.

The Landscape of Division 2012

Jan Roar Leikvoll, author

Mard Issa sees himself as a witness of his time. Through his paintings, he wants to portray a picture of the world as he experiences it, to make people face reality. At the same time he wants to show that there is beauty in ugliness. His style is a fine mixture of Neo-romanticism, Realism and Surrealism. . . .

The Cycle 2011

The Ravaged Land

In your eyes
lie chances
for a life after this.

An illuminated landscape
and shades
not overshadowing
the dream

The eyes’ dim
so revealing
in this garish light

The veil of power
and all things incomplete
Looking beyond
and away

Will it ever sink
all this evil
and take leave
of the ravaged land?

Helen Gathe 2013
Printed with permission. 

Witness 2010

Rudolf Farkas, artist and author

Mard Issa, a modern Goya

Mard Issa has a strong link with the Spanish painter, Francisco Goya. It is a kind of spiritual kinship that stems from an inner source, and represents a need of expression. It has less to do with a special view of the world. . . .

The Global 2010

Phantom Pain

How can I know for sure
when the pain
reaches the heart region
with serious intentions

When my one leg
is shivering
and must be bolted to the ground
with three nurses on duty?

How can I know when the
hole in the lung becomes
too large for the sound
of breath from the Universe

When my arm is twisting
and wants to roam the world
with the lantern held high above
the naked bodies?

How can I know when
life receives its final blow
When my head is still full of dreams
of a field of flowers
in the hillside
just beneath the waterfall?

Helen Gathe 2013
Printed with permission. 

Three Dimensions of the Wasted 2005 - 2011

From an interview by Helen Gathe:

How would you describe the contents of your own art?

The main ideas are the meaninglessness of war, the many ruined lives and faces, the time that has been lost and the great challenges of the poor parts of the world.

The underlying ideas can be complex. There is a lot of trial and error in the process. In my art, it is essential for me to create an ongoing dialogue.

Art should play a far greater role in society than what is the case today.

What causes the expression in your paintings to change so markedly with time?

I live in exile, far away from my own culture. The expression in my paintings changes with my environments. I am also influenced by what is happening in other parts of the world, and with broader philosophical questions like the meaning of live. It is in a constant state of flux. We develop and we change.