From 2009 until 2015, Mard  Issa ran Galleri Issa at Verkensvn. 2 in Asker, where he had his studio and art school for adults. To be better able to present his art to a more international audience, Issa now resides in Hungary and the gallery at Dikemark is under new management. Issa continues, however, to teach and follow up his students in Norway.

Mard Issa, f. 1966 in Iraq

"Only seldom does one encounter such a
technically proficient painter who carries on the classical tradition. This is modern classicism.”


From a surrealist perspective, Mard Issa is an artist who is searching and looking for new ways of expression. As he himself says, " There is a heartlessness that Surrealism alone can not blame ".

Artist and author Mard Issa is a painter of the classical tradition. He received his classical education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad and privately with Prof. Lorenzo Accorsi in Italy. After coming to Norway as a political refugee in 1994, he studied both at the Art Academy in Bergen ( KiB) and with Prof. Jan Sæther in Oslo.


Mard Issa paints med oil, often on large canvases.  Through visual art, he protrays the world as he experiences  it, bringing  viewers face to face with reality. At the same time, he wants to show that there is also beauty in the ugly. His art has a depth that leads to new landscapes, not just in the outer world but also in the world within us, landscapes of emotions and thoughts, and of reflection. Issa gives much to those who want to see.