Day of Hungarian Culture Jan 22 - Feb 20

The Day of Hungarian Culture in Nyíregyháza, Hungary :  Mard Issa participated in a group­­­ exhibition in as part of the Day of Hungarian Culture. The exhibition opened January 22 and ran until February 20.

Accompanying events as the Day of Hungarian Culture: an introduction ­­­­of fine arts, industry and photographers, a total of 27 components of more than 80 pieces of artwork as well as computer graphics, sewn and woven textiles, ceramics, photography and installation.

The exhibiting artists:

1.      Aranyász graphic artist Zita

2.      Géza Balogh painter and sculptor

3.      Charles Batrad graphic artist

4.      Czigándi sculptor Alexander Varga

5.      Csaba cob photographer

6.      Black Nora textile designer artist

7.      Ludmilla Gaal textile designer artist

8.      Gabulya ceramic artist Marta

9.      Havasi graphic artist Dora Zita

10.    Graphic artist Tamás Havasi

11.    János Horváth painter

12.    Catherine H. Nemeth graphic artist

13.    Eva painter Homoródi

14.    Jurásek Kamil (Eperjes) Painter

15.    Elek Kerekes, painter Győző

16.    Victorian painter Kőrösi

17.    Polish sculptor Tibor

18.    Madarassy painter Thomas George

19.    Painter (Iraqi origin) Mard Issa

20.    Dora Eszter Molnar graphic artist

21.    Imre Nagy Lajos sculptor

22.    Bela Szepessy graphic artist

23.    Edith painter Székhelyi

24.    Vajda Mary textile designer artist

25.    Stephen P. Vikár graphic artist

26.    Jumbled sculptor Laszlo